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Resources for Exercise 1:

Further Reading

Resources for Exercise 2:

Resources for Exercise 3:

Resources for Exercise 4:

Resources for Exercise 5:

Reconstruction Output examples:

Applications to Disseminate Reconstructed Outputs

Further Reading

Papadopoulos, C. and Schreibman, S. 2019. Towards 3D Scholarly Editions: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge. Digital Humanities Quarterly. 13(1): 31-57.

Plaksin, Andrey:

Watterson, A, Anderson, J & Baxter, K 2020, Designing Digital Engagements: Approaches to creative practice and adaptable programming for archaeological visualisation. In Proceedings of EVA London 2020.

Unity-specific Resources

Unity User Manual 2020.3 (

YouTube Videos Utilised:

Reflect Further: Archiving and Ethics